The 15th International Conference on
<br>RANDOM STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHMS, Poznań, August 05-09, 2013
Location and accommodation

The conference will be held at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Adam Mickiewicz University.

Collegium Mathematicum
ul.Umultowska 87
61-614 Poznań
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We have arranged with Hotel Mercure a special rate of 250 PLN for a single room, and 290 PLN (145 PLN per person) for a double room per night.

Hotel Mercure
ul. Roosevelta 20
60-829 POZNAŃ
Phone number: +48 61 855 80 00
Fax number: +48 61 855 89 55
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Hotel reservation form is available here.

For PhD students and junior faculty we can offer rooms in university hotel DS JOWITA for 70 PLN + 8% VAT for single room and for 110 PLN+ 8% VAT for double room. For reservation please contact our office:
The university hotel DS JOWITA
Ul. Zwierzyniecka 7
60-813 Poznan
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From the railway station

Hotel Mercure is within a walking distance (10 minutes) from the railway station. It is located near the big Kaponiera roundabout (address: Roosevelta 20; please see map above).
Jowita is also near Kaponiera - the tall building is easily recognizable by a large neon "AKUMULATORY" installed on its roof.

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From the airport

Take bus L for 2 stops to the stop: Rondo Kaponiera. Here is the timetable.
Take bus 59 to the last stop: Rondo Kaponiera. Here is timetable.

Notice: Due to road works on the Kaponiera roundaboout the bus stops at Zeylanda street. Please follow the street to the direction of the head of the bus, when you pass the turn you should find D.S. Jowita on your right and Mercury Hotel on your left. Here you can find detailed map describing changes.

You will need the 15-minute (All bus lines up to 10 stops) ticket for the L bus and 30-minute ticket for bus 59. Buy it at a news stand - kiosk or ticket mashine and remember to validate it immediately after the bus starts.
For more information see

To the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science from the hotels

Every morning at 8.15 the special bus will leave from Zeylanda Street near conference hotels and will take the participants directly to the conference venue.


To get to our department from the hotels by public transport you need to take tram from: Most Teatralny to the final station: Sobieskiego and then you can have a 10-minute walk to the campus. You need to cross the railway and continue along the bicycle road (the path is marked by a small bicycle on the attached map). While walking you will pass near the construction site and afterwards the faculties of Political Science (right hand side) and Biology (left hand side). The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (Coll. Mathematicum) is the second building on the left. It has black \ navy blue windows. The main entrance is at the back of the building, by the forest.

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science


In Poznan there are temporal tickets - it is worth to have 0,5 h ones to get from one point to another because of some works in the city. Some streets are under construction now so please keep it in your mind and consult the itineraries.
You can buy the city transport tickets mainly on tram stops (ticket machines) and in some news-stands [kiosk]. Generally all these places are marked by the stickers with the green-yellow MPK logo, visible at the front door or window. The same tickets are used for trams and buses. Their price depends on the duration of your travel and transfers are allowed. The prices are:
Whole network up to 15 minutes / All bus lines up to 10 stops - 2.80 PLN
Whole network up to 30 minutes / All bus lines for 1 ride - 3.60 PLN
Whole network up to 60 minutes - 4.20 PLN


It is safe to take a "Radio Taxi", for example Radio Taxi 96-22 , tel. +48 619622 (+48 616629622), or Radio Taxi 515-515 tel. +48618515515. You can order it for free in the main hall of the station (look for the sign "Tu mozesz zamowic radio taxi" meaning "Here you can order a radio taxi"). Abstain from taking a taxi cab directly from the line in front of the station.
Also the cars of different corporations wait at the Airport entrance. The approximate taxi fare to the hotels is: 25-40 PLN. On Sundays additional 50% might be added. All taxis by law must have a tariff card on the window and give you a printed receipt (rachunek).