The 15th International Conference on
<br>RANDOM STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHMS, Poznań, August 05-09, 2013
Random run

Tentative results

Random Run is a run for a random distance, which is a sum of the outcomes of two dice being tossed.
Random experiment: independent sequential tossing of two dice.

There are two dice. Before the start one die is tossed and the runners run a number of laps indicated. Meanwhile the second die is tossed and all runners continue to run an additional number of laps being announced. The number of laps in the second round is shown when the leading runners are finishing their last lap of the first round.
To avoid any confusion, each runner will be assigned a starting number and a coach. Your coach will make sure that you have ran the appropriate number of laps by telling you the number of laps to go every time you pass him. You will get to know your coach before the run.

NEW!!! On popular demand, we introduce two subcategories within male runners: Middle-agers (between 40 and 60 years old, i.e. born before August 7, 1973, but after August 7, 1953 ) and Seniors (above 60 years old). Please, bring your birth certificate or other proof of age; otherwise, your age will be judged by your appearance.